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why a boycott

Perfection Fresh is a company where workers have faced sexual violence, bullying, unsafe work practices, and harassment.

YOU can support workers at Perfection Fresh in their fight for a safe workplace by boycotting Qukes.

‘Qukes’ are baby cucumbers trademarked by Perfection Fresh. So, no matter how they’re packaged or where they’re sold, these mini-cucumbers are lining Perfection Fresh’s pockets.

The key sellers of Qukes are Coles, Woolworths and ALDI. These major supermarkets have the market power and responsibility to fix the rot in their supply chain.

Show the supermarkets and Perfection Fresh that people will not stand for a rotten supply chain. Join the Qukes boycott.

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working at perfection fresh
Farm workers at Perfection Fresh are sharing their stories through song and video.
WEB SERIES: Inside the Glasshouse

Inside the Glasshouse is a web series on what it’s like working in the supply chain of Perfection Fresh.

WATCH Ep 5: 80 Kilos of Pressure
WATCH previous episodes
ALBUM: Bread and Roses

The ‘Perfection 12’ are the group of union women fighting for justice in the Federal Court of Australia, after surviving sexual violence in the glasshouses of Perfection Fresh.

Unable to reveal their identities, yet still wanting to share their stories, the Perfection 12 recorded a powerful album about their fight. 

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These resouces will help you talk to your friends, family and shoppers about why they should boycott Qukes with you.




Authorised by C. Cinanni, United Workers Union, 833 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC 3008.